An Easy Action Plan to rid pesticides from your community and around the world

How to do it? Easy! Just be a F.R.I.E.N.D.

F. Find a business or other organization in your community that is applying pesticides on their property

In some counties in New York and other states, you may see a little yellow notice sign stating that pesticides have been applied. In other jurisdictions, just ask the organization.

R. Request that they stop applying pesticides

Send them an email; give them a call; send them a letter; or just walk in and ask! Keep it polite.

See the Communications Templates on our Resources page.

I. Inform them how pesticides are harmful to human health and the environment

Pesticides are harmful to our environment, including many classes of insects and pollinators we rely on for a healthy ecosystem. They are also harmful to human health and wash off of the property into nearby areas and waterways when it rains.

See the Communications Templates and Background Info on our Resources page.

E. Educate them about non-toxic alternative methods and products

There are many reference materials for ways to achieve lawn maintenance using natural and non-toxic products and techniques.

For example:

N. News -- Tell the public if they refuse or don't respond

Get friends to contact them directly. Post about it on social media. Send out a press release. If necessary, picket or stage a protest.

See the Publicity Resources on our Resources page.

D. Do it again!

Once you've contacted one pesticide-applying organization, contact another in your community! The more you do it, the more leverage you gain as pesticide users learn about your efforts -- they will want to avoid the hassle and publicity!